Recommended Reading - Galatians

At the end of every study, Heart of Mary Women's Fellowship will recommend additional resources. There may have been a particular topic or idea that we want to learn more about & we'll list the links, books, or resources that our HOMWF team have personally read & recommend!*

  • More on the Letter of Galatians, written by Paul:
  • Faith vs. Works
  • More about Evangelization:
  • Coming Back to the Church:
    • Call your Parish office for more info about the "RCIA" ministry. RCIA specializes in teaching the faith to non-catholics and offers an opportunity for the sacraments if they would like to enter the Church. It is also a ministry for Catholics who have questions about their faith, have been away & want a "refresher", or those doubting their faith. It's a beautiful "non-pushy" ministry. Any convert to our faith has gone through this program - ask them about it! (Half of our HOMWF team, included!)
    • Catholics Come Home

Do you have any recommendations? What was your favorite verse or post? Let us know! We want to know! And remember - our next study on The Rosary & it's Biblical Roots starts Monday! Make sure you have subscribed to the blog so you don't miss any lessons!.


*Heart of Mary Women's Fellowship is not paid to promote or endorse the above books, links, or articles. All recommendations are made from personal reading that provided helpful insight.