HOMWF - New Feature!! FREE TALKS!

Oh Sisters! Do we have exciting news!!

Ready?? We can now feature our guest speakers right here on HOMWF! That's right - we now have listenable audio files that you can hear right from your phone, tablet, or computer. Listen in your car when you hook up your phone for your a.m. commute. Put in your head phones when on a plane. Turn up the sound on your tablet when you rise & have your coffee. Isn't technology amazing? No iTunes or subscriptions necessary. 


Our first talk is by Terry Barber. He visited our Alta Loma, CA Chapter at the beginning of September. If you've been following along online, our bible study this month has had the theme of "coming back to the faith" or "bringing others back to the faith". 

In this talk, Terry talks about the 10 commandments of evangelization & how we can apply and utilize these simple steps.  

Terry Barber is the founder of Lighthouse Catholic Media, St. Joseph Communications, Inc., The Catholic Resource Center, and is co-host of Reason for our Faith with Jesse Romero on Mother Angelica's EWTN Radio Network.

The speakers were very kind to us, letting us record their talks- so please, if you share them with family, friends, and on social media (which we hope you do!), please credit the speaker & HOMWF. Thank you!