Galatians - God Qualifies the Called

Galations 6:11-18

Paul ends his letter expressing his confidence in the cross. Yesterday we spoke about edification verses judging, and how to evangelize through the advise of Pope Francis. We can look back at the book of Galatians and see that Paul has been edifying & evangelizing them the entire time! He has continued to “boast” of Christ’s love for him and used that as fuel to try to bring the Galatians back to their faith. He loves the Galatians people so much that he called them out when they started to go astray. Do we love our family that much? Do we love our friends that much? How about the mailman or the girl across the coffee counter?

As a modern Catholic (on a whole), we aren’t known for being a Christ-sharing people. We have God and we kinda keep quiet about it. But why? Why are we quiet? Are we embarrassed, ashamed, intimidated? Do we think we don’t know enough to be qualified? Is our past holding us back? Sisters – everything we need comes from that cross. All our strength and love. We love common phrases here at HOMWF (as you may have caught on). Another good one: God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called. We encourage you to read through this list of persons from the bible. Pick one that stands out to you & read their story.


Noah got drunk     Genesis 9:20-22

Abraham was too old     Genesis 17

Jacob was a liar     Genesis 27:19

Leah was considered ugly     Genesis 29:17

Joseph was abused     Genesis 37:24-36

Moses stuttered     Exodus 4:10

Gideon was afraid     Judges 6:21-23

Samson had long hair (didn’t look like a reputable person of society) and was a womanizer                                       Judges 14

Rahab was a prostitute     Joshua 2:1

Jeremiah and Timothy were too young     Jeremiah 1:6-7 and 2 Timothy 1:2

David had an affair and was a murderer     2 Samuel 11:3-27

Elijah was suicidal    1 King 19

Isaiah preached naked     Isaiah 20:2-4

Jonah ran from God      Jonah 1

Naomi was a widow     Ruth 1:3

Job lost everything    The Book of Job

Peter denied Christ     Matt.26:69-70

The Disciples fell asleep while praying     Matthew 26:40

Martha worried about everything     Luke 10:40

Mary Magdalene was cleansed of seven demons     Mark 16:9

The Samaritan woman at the well had five husbands       John 4:18

Zaccheus was too small       Luke 19:3

Paul was a zealot     Acts 8:1 

Timothy had an ulcer    1 Timothy 5:23

Lazarus was dead!    John 11


What did you relate to? We can see from this list that everyone could easily claim that had something to hold them back from sharing God’s love with others. No money, speech impediments, age, illness, personal demons, etc. - we have things too. But what all of them also have in common is trust in God’s plans for them after they accepted the blocks in their road. Let us have trust in God’s big plans for us & make sure to let others know that God has big plans for them too!

Sisters, one easy way to share God’s word with others is to tell them about Heart of Mary Women’s Fellowship! They can join you & HOMWF for our studies, visit us on Facebook, or take #HOMWFselfies on Instagram. WE WANT TO SEE YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES!!