Galatians - The Voice We Listen To

Gal 5:1-12; John 8:32-36

Today we embark upon liberty in our freedom!! For true freedom has three parts: to remain in it, to love, and responsibility. We will cover these three over the next couple of days as we study chapter 5 and the first part of chapter 6.

Sisters, since we have chosen freedom let us not be pulled away from it. There are so many forces in our society that tell us who we should be and what we should be doing; or even what we are supposed to believe in! When we studied chapter 2 (vs. 1-10) we talked about “people of reputation” and “people who seem to be something”. Society has a LOUD voice – and a persistent one.

Paul is challenging the Galatians to listen to the truth and seeking to persuade the Galatians to break from those who are trying to add works of the law on top of Christ, as a basis for salvation. How hard is it to tune out the constant voice of the world. Recently a photo popped up on Instagram. It showed the Voice of God vs. the Voice of Satan. It read:

God's Voice               vs.                   Satan's Voice

Stills you                                              Rushes you 

Leads you                                           Pushes you

Reassures you                                     Frightens you

Enlightens you                                      Confuses you

Encourages you                                 Discourages you

Comforts you                                          Worries you

Calms you                                          Obsesses you

Convicts you                                   Condemns you


What a difference!! Many times we read or see things that call us to change. But we must ask – is the voice calling me to change one that encourages & leads us or frighten and discourage us? Our loving God gives us freedom and takes us there through love. He does not condemn us; He wants to save us! Today, let’s pray that for discernment, that the voice calling out to us is God, and to shut the door on anything else!