HOMWF Interview Exclusive: Terry Barber


Heart of Mary Women's Fellowship gets the great honor of interviewing Catholic speakers, writers, radio hosts, bloggers, ministry leaders, and activists. We get to sit down one on one with these amazing people of our faith - and we noticed they all have one thing in common: They love the Lord and evangelize to others using the gifts that God has given them. We are so excited to share these interviews with you Sisters! They are speaking just for you! 

Today's interview is with Terry Barber. He is the founder of Lighthouse Catholic Media, St. Joseph Communications, Inc., The Catholic Resource Center and is co-host of Reason for our Faith with Jesse Romero on Mother Angelica's EWTN Radio Network. 

Terry Barber

HOM: Tell us a little bit about you, family, where you’re from, and how you fell into your ministry work now.

TB: Ok, my name is Terry Barber. I’m married to Danielle; we have lovely 4 children, and live in Covina, CA and I’ve been involved in Catholic evangelization since 1979. And the way I see it, I got involved with it through Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.  I had wrote to him before he past in 1979, and asked permission to take his record called “Life is Worth Living” and put it on cassette for records. I got permission from the Promulgate of the Faith to do that and that’s when I started my ministry of promoting the Catholic faith on CDs, cassettes, and DVDs. 35 years later, […] there’s close to 3 million recordings have gone out since 1979.

HOM: So you’re like “Pierced by the Sword” in real life?

TB: Yea, there you go.

HOM: For the Heart of Mary event in September (Sept. 6, 2014), what will you be focusing on, what will you be sharing with our audience who is there?

TB: I’m going to be talking about the 10 Commandments of Evangelization. It’s really the heart of the Church’s mission. That’s why we have a Church – is to evangelize and introduce people to the person of Christ. So, I am going to be telling stories and utilizing storytelling to communicate simple ways of sharing the faith with anyone.

HOM: Wow! […] And for a little bit more about you, we have three more personal questions. What is your favorite aspect of your Catholic faith?

TB: The Mass. That’s my favorite aspect; going to Mass. I was fortunate, at age 14 I fell in love with the Mass, and so the Eucharist is everything. That’s my favorite part – being able to be present at Calvary everyday.

HOM: What is your favorite Marian devotion?

TB: Well, the Rosary, by far. We’ve always prayed the Rosary growing up and we pray it as a family even today.

HOM: What is your favorite verse?

TB: “For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink.” (vs .56) John 6.

HOM: Well, thank you! Do you have any questions for us?

TB: No, just this,  … I hope the message that I give everybody is that every day of their life,  you will ask Jesus for more faith and have their faith grow each day. That, that is my message that I go with everywhere; just encourage people to have stronger faith in Jesus. And if they don’t ask, they don’t get.

HOM: Well, you are a man on fire! [We] love it!

TB: Well, you know what it is?! Blessed Henry Newman said this: “The worst thing in the Church is an uninformed laity.  And that was in the 19th century. I think it’s true today. He said this in the 19th century. God has created me to give some definitive service; he’s committed some work to me which he hasn’t committed to another. I have my mission. And I believe all of us on planet Earth today, have that same mission. We all have something that God has given us to do that He hasn’t given to anyone else. That’s how special we are. 

 -- end -- 

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