The Mass // How to Give Thanks to God in the Eucharistic Prayer


Jeremiah 30:19; Isaiah 12:3-5; THE MASS PDF Link (We encourage you to read the Eucharistic Prayer portion of the PDF for additional bible verse study today.)

I was an altar server for many years. I learned a ton during that time and really attribute my desire and love for the mass to those very formative years. During those years, I not only became very efficient & precise at the job, but grew to know every word that was said and I knew everything that was being done and the names of everything as well. Though I knew all the words, I found that I wasnt listening to what was actually being said; which now realizing this, just breaks my heart some. 

The Eucharistic Prayer is really like the center, or the heart, of the Liturgy of the Eucharist. During this prayer the priest, acting as Christ, gathers the bread, wine, and all that we had offered before, and offers them to the Father. Also when we truly listen to what is being said we hear that the priest isnt saying "I" or "me", but he is saying "we". Throughout the Eucharist Prayer the priest offers this prayer in the first person plural because we, the baptized that are present, are making the sacrificial offering in union with Christ. 

So it is not just the priest praying the Prayer during this time, but we are to be actively uniting our hearts and souls in that prayer - completely and totally offering ourselves, our lives and our individual efforts during this time. Just as we sent this up during the Preparation of Gifts, this is where we unite them with Christ in order to grow more like Him and commit ourselves to serve the community of Gods people. Our offerings are never perfect, but united with Christs offering it becomes the most perfect praise and Thanksgiving to the Father.

United with the Eucharistic Prayer, (being the heart of the Liturgy of the Eucharist) its centrality focuses around thanksgiving. This is the point where we are thankful & glorify God for the work of salvation, we thank Him for all of the gifts he has given us - all varying from the sun and the clouds to the shoes on our feet to the roof above our head, all the way to thanking Him for the ultimate sacrifice which allows for our Salvation: the sacrifice of his Son.

How appropriate as we get closer to the holidays. Every single Sunday we are offered the opportunity to sit around the table with our Lord and thank the Father for the blessings that He pours out for us each and every day, especially in the gift of the Holy Eucharist. We should be treating every Sunday as if it is Thanksgiving Day. So we challenge you to enter into the feast next Sunday and enjoy your Thanksgiving with the Lord. 

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