The Mass // How to Pray the Prayers of the Faithful

2 Corinthians 1:11; Ephesians 6:18;  1 Timothy 2:1; Romans 8:26; THE MASS PDF Link

When we are baptized, we are baptized three things; priest, prophet and king. Now, this doesnt mean you can go put on the vestments that a priest does and say a mass. But through our baptismal priesthood we are able to offer prayers to God for the Salvation of all those around us and for all those in the world, not just people we may know.

Our General Intercessions are also known as the Prayers of the Faithful, or the Universal Prayer. These are intentions that we offer up to God for four major things; for the needs of the Church, for public authorities and the salvation of the world, for those burdened with difficulty, and for the local community. You see this has been the guidelines for forever, not just since things have gone a little crazy in our country. As you look around at your job you probably see a friend suffering, someone that is always upset or bitter maybe, or that person that always has to voice their political views. Maybe you see the person that is just so rundown and doesnt believe that there is a God or anything to believe in.

Well, have no fear, besides praying for them on the daily basis, those are the people we are praying for at each mass. We are praying for the people you may not be able to stand, the person that cut you off on the way to work this morning, and the person that was generous enough to pay for your coffee. These should be the general prayers in each and every parishioner and congregants heart. We either unite our prayers with the lector or priest with a Lord, hear our prayer or through praying in silence.

As said before the Mass is the ultimate sacrifice and we are able to unite these moments and people, to unite our society and government so that we can offer them up and given to the Lord during the ultimate sacrifice of Mass. So that we are putting it all into the Lords hands and that he may use us to proclaim His word, and be examples of His word but only after we give it all to him but it all starts with the General Intentions. It all starts with the Universal Prayer that is instilled in each and every participant at mass heart. 

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