Biblical Charity // Do-ers of the Word

James 1:19-27; Sir 7: 18-36

Every Sunday we attend Mass and hear the Word. Every time we open the Bible, we are readers/hearers of the Word. Every time we pray the Rosary, we are reciting the Word and listening in on the meditations. Are we doing anything with the Word? Are we do-er’s of the Word – I say YES! Sisters you ARE do-ers of the Word!

We want to encourage you in this! Every time you give a smile to a stranger, a respectful action toward your parents or elders, bring a meal to someone who’s sick, tithe at Mass, care for your kids, cook for your household, pray for someone, take someone out for coffee, do the laundry for your family – YOU ARE DOING THE WORD.  Sisters, you are loving, caring, respectful, considerate, thoughtful women. Though these things seem like the mundane, often chore-like things in life, we are supporting and loving those around us. We clean clothes to make sure others don’t live in filth, we cook so they have healthy food to eat, we pray to help comfort and bring peace to their soul, we tithe to support others financially, we take others for coffee to have fellowship, laughter, and offer a listening ear. These are the things that are priceless and these are the things that so many live without.

We are a very fortune bunch. Clean clothes, food, the opportunity for Mass every day (there are parts of the world that only get Mass once every couple of months!), the ability to buy someone $5 coffee… so many around us don’t get to experience even a kind smile from others, they often feel alone, unloved, unwanted, or abandoned.

In what ways are you a do-er of the Word? Does your list look like ours? Are there other things that you do that shows love to others? Today, meditate on doing the Word and what that looks like in your life.