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We sat in darkness and waited. I could hear the waves crashing in; I could feel the sand on my toes. It was early, oh so early. But, what was to come would soon make our lack of sleep worth it. 

And suddenly, like a triumphant melody, the sun peered over the horizon and gave way to the beauty that was before me. Light had illuminated the ocean with the most magnificent of colors. And, by that light, what I once could not see, I could now see. 

“The light shines in the darkness…” 

Just as the sun penetrated the horizon that early July morning, the Son penetrates our hearts every day. No matter how dark, no matter how barren, His light will always overpower our sinful hearts. 

And, this is where we begin our Advent series: with the understanding that Christ will ALWAYS win. Always. No matter what.

Please join us this Advent season with our devotional "Daughters of Light" Advent 2015. Starts Monday Nov 30. Scroll down to see study posts. 

This year's Advent Study journal is quite a large PDF file, so we broke it up into sections. We recommend that if you'd like a hard copy, print a a section at a time and place in a binder or send all 4 off to a printer to have found together. We've condensed the file size as small as we could. Thank you for your understanding

this year's advent study journal has a story. Just like you, it has been created out of passion and love. see your hom journal cover come to life:  


About The Artist

Marta Maria, "Daughter of Light" artist. 

Marta Maria, "Daughter of Light" artist. 

Marta Maria is an international designer, makeup artist, and author: American by birth, French at heart, and currently based in Italy after several twists of fate (and faith). As a survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence, Marta Maria has made it her mission to create a welcoming online community, aka "Messiharts" - where fellow survivors and friends from all walks of life can find a safe space to share life and celebrate the unusual, unique, and often messy beauty that begins in our broken places. Constantly exploring the boundaries of belief and the origins of creativity, her career has followed an unlikely path in the face of incredible odds, weaving together a lifestory of healing and hope with a God-given love for art and fashion. Her new website, entirely dedicated to makeup and beauty, is scheduled to launch in December 2015.



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