Saints in the Roman Canon 

November is traditionally a month for our saints. One of my favorite parts of being Catholic is that there are so many holy men and women to model our lives after. An obscure group of saints come from Eucharistic Prayer I at Mass. Have you ever been sitting in Mass and the priest begins the Eucharistic prayer and here comes the litany of all those saints with the crazy names?? You know that you are going to be there just a few minutes extra that day. If you are anything like me you may be tempted to get a little annoyed. Mass can be really hard to sit through when we do not understand what’s going on and let’s admit, there is alot going on!! Literally thousands of years of tradition. We thought this would be a fun study to help you stay more focused during Mass and get to know some amazing saints. So next time, perhaps on a special feast, when you are at Mass and that long list of names begin out you’ll be ready to great each one of these holy souls as friends. To Jesus through Mary-Maggie Ness