Bearers of Light

As Christians, our lives are an unending journey. We live between Advent and Pentecost and to forever. Yet our journey on earth is somewhat circular. We prepare our hearts for Jesus our Savior, we greet him in the manger, we serve him. We walk with him on the road to Calvary. We weep at his death and rejoice at his resurrection and ascension. We are empowered by the Holy Spirit. The cycle continues: we serve, we prepare, we greet, serve, weep, rejoice, are empowered.

Jesus is the Light who entered a dark world. And regardless of what we observe and experience around us, the Light cannot be overcome by darkness. The Blessed Virgin Mary said yes to God and she conceived the Light by God the Holy Spirit. She carried the Light in her womb and bore him to the world. It is because of her fiat that we have received the Light.

Mary, Mother of God, is the truest earthly example of trust and obedience to the Lord God Almighty. She shows us what bearing the Light in a dark world looks like. She not only bore the Light, she continues leading others to the Light. At our Baptism, we received the Light who is Christ, Son of God and Son of Mary. And that makes us bearers of the Light like Mary. We share the responsibility with our Mother to present him to the people we encounter at home, at church, our neighborhood, our workplace. For as

Bearers of the Light we want all people to know him, to believe, and to be saved. This month our hearts will take up the cause of bearing the Light into the 21st Century in our devotions.

To Jesus through Mary-Cheryl Wills