Memento Mori 

We begin this Lenten season with our Memento Mori series. This ancient practice of reflection on mortality allows an individual to ponder the reality of death. Each of us will one day experience the death of a loved one and our own death. My father used to jokingly tell me that there are two definite experiences in life: taxes and death.

The latter experience is especially one many try to avoid. It is not a topic that usually sparks joy, but as Christians we do believe that death is a bridge to the Everlasting Joy that the human heart longs to receive. We as Christians believe that death is a mere component of our pilgrimage to God. Though it concludes our earthly journey, it serves as a bridge to begin a new life in eternity.

Jesus demonstrated to us that we need to die in order to rise. His journey with us rolled out what the Church has come to teach as the Paschal Mystery. He taught us the importance of his life, death, and resurrection. We are an Easter people, renewed through the resurrection. However, we do not forget the cross and the life journey that took us along the way.

I pray that this Memento Mori series will deepen your faith and bring you many blessings and graces. May this Lenten season be rich with mercy and hope leading you into the joy of Easter!

Michael Donaldson-Spiritual Director for the Heart of Mary Website