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Many years ago the idea of Heart of Mary Women's Fellowship parish ministry came about in the most simple and lovely way.

First it started with some lunch dates, chatting about what this group for Catholic Women would look like. We knew for sure the name would be based on the Mother of God. That was a no brainer because she is our greatest female role model in every way. 

Our goal was to meet every 1st Saturday for two hours. We would have coffee and sweet bread and maybe a bowl of fruit. Our purpose was fellowship, support, faith sharing and prayer, while growing in faith in the messages from our guest speakers. 

We met that goal at our very 1st gathering, 100 women showed up to do just that. Our minds were blown, this was a Catholic phenomenon! That’s what everyone was saying anyway. The ministry’s incredible simplicity moved it forward in the most exciting way. Every month has been an absolute joy to plan and experience. This is the easiest, most impactful ministry I have ever been involved in. Thanks be to God!

Why so successful people ask? I believe without a doubt, we honor the mother of Jesus with our name and strive to model ourselves and our lives based on her virtues. Some may think that’s a lot of pressure, but if we just keep on trying, one day at a time, amazement shows up in our response to any situation good or bad.

God bless you Heart of Mary

To Jesus through Mary



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