About the Study

How often do we give thanks for the things that we already have? Do we give thanks to God every day? Or do we only do it during Thanksgiving and the holidays? What are we grateful for, anyway? Do we even spend time feeling thank- ful at all or do we complain about the things we don’t have and how different things could’ve been or how they should be?

However you feel about your life right now, we can all use a little more gratitude in our lives. Philanthropist Sir John Templeton says:

An attitude of gratitude creates blessings.

When we start feeling grateful for little things, bigger blessings start to follow. It all starts with God, who is the one who created everything in our lives. He created the world, the animals, the sky, and every human being, and saw that it was all good. If we want to have more gratitude in our lives, we need to notice the blessings that we have on a daily basis. 

The Study