Appearances of Jesus after the Resurrection

In this study, we are going to take some time each day to learn about the appearances of Jesus after His resurrection. What better way to rejoice and celebrate than to look at real situations where the Lord touched the lives of others here on earth?

Each day will focus on a different appearance of Jesus. Some are very well known, but some are just small snippets in the Bible where it was said that the Lord appeared! My hope is that you spend each day reflecting on how the Lord is entering into your life after His resurrection. Whether that may be on the walk to Emmaus or on the appearance of Jesus to the 500, I want you to reflect on your life and see how the Lord is speaking and appearing to you. 

In my life the Lord shows Himself very clearly through the kindness and love of others. Jesus appears to us even in the smallest of situations! Just the other day I was telling my kindergarteners that I had lost all of my pennies that I had been using for a game we were playing in class. Well, a few days later I had a small bag with my name on it that contained four pennies for me to use in class! I knew in that moment that the Lord was showing Himself to me through the small act of kindness that my kindergartener showed me.

When we take moments to understand and to recognize the Lord’s appearances in our lives we are so much more likely to be invited into moments of His joy and love for us. I encourage you to really spend time during these two weeks to open your eyes and experience the Lord in the everyday appearances in your life. Marykatherine

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