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Like all things in life, God orchestrates His plans perfectly + beautifully in His time. And now, 2014 is coming to an end. Whatever happened or didn't happen for you, God led you to THIS exact moment. There are no coincidences or accidents in God's plan. Join us for this Bible study with the expectation that God makes all things new, and faithful understanding that you are exactly where you're meant to be. 

Advent 2014 // Having a "Mary" Christmas in a Martha World

HOMWF presents our first Advent study! The "Having a Mary Christmas in a Martha World" study will help us to focus ourselves on the true meaning of Christmas. Just like the sisters Martha & Mary, there are two approaches to the Christmas season that we, as women, can take. We can run around in the hustle & bustle of cooking, cleaning, obligatory parties and gift giving, and quickly run out of time, patience, and possibly money. Or we can begin to say “no” to some of the worldly requirements and place ourselves at the feet of Jesus - adoring Him and thanking Him for the gift that is Himself. 

Together, let’s reflect and learn how to have a “Mary” Christmas.

And... who wants a FREE Advent Prayer Journal?! We do!! For the first time, HOMWF will be offering a free, downloadable study journal! Each day has a theme, recommended bible verses, key ideas, and reflection questions. There is an additional “Notes” page that can be reprinted if you need more writing room. " Subscribe to our bible study emails to get your free Advent Study Journal! *If you already receive our emails, you'll get it as soon as it goes live on 12/1.*  **UPDATE** : To receive the Advent Journal, we can email you a FREE PDF copy. Please email us & just ask for one :)


The Mass - if you're Catholic, you've attended your fair share. But have we ever taken the time to see how the Mass is saturated with the Word? Participate in this study to see the Mass as you may never have before. We'll be looking at the Mass with one question in mind: If we believe everything we say we do, would we act or react any differently? [There is a free downloadable "THE MASS" PDF for this study.]

Biblical Charity

More often than not, our encounter with charity is when the visiting priest or sister comes to share their missionary work and ask for a donation toward the project's visions. And many times, we may feel a little discouraged by the end, thinking we aren't a charitable person or "doing good" like they are. October is such a big month in the Church: 40 Days for Life is happening, food shelters are starting to collect for the upcoming holidays, pregnancy crisis centers are rallying for extra supplies & toys.... so we thought it would be a great opportunity to learn what God envisions as an act of charity. We'll be talking about things like dignity of life for the unborn, poor, homeless, and sick, but we are also going to dive into the "mundane" of life, and encourage you by showing that we all are charitable in our daily lives already! So do not be discouraged! Come join us as we learn together and grow even more in our charitable hearts.

 The Rosary - A Biblical Study

Many of us have prayed a Rosary before, but do we know the biblical roots of the Rosary? Did you know that praying the Rosary is "praying the Bible"? Usually we can envision "old church ladies" grasping their beads in the pews, religious orders having them tied to their waist lines,  or us nodding off midway through in an attempt to recite it before bedtime. Join this study to learn how biblical the Rosary really is & enkindle (or rekindle) our love for the "perfect prayer" with our Mother. We offer a beautiful, feminine Rosary Prayer Card: free to download! 

The Book of Galatians

In Paul's letter to the churches in Galatia, he encourages them to return to the ORIGINAL gospel - the true gospel that is of Jesus Christ. This gospel is from Jesus Christ & God the Father - not man. Don't adjust it, don't change it. It begs the question: How often do we "water down" Jesus to make him seem more approachable to non-believers or the doubtful? Or even to ourselves. 


You might be thinking of a big island in the middle of no where. But in this series we will be looking at the "Lost". In Luke 15, we will read about the Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin, and the Lost Son (a.k.a. the Prodigal Son). In this 2 week study, we'll look at what it means to be "lost" and what it means to be "found". 


A foundation to our journey into the Bible as HOM sisters, we'll review some simple, yet need-to-know things about the Scriptures. We all have read the Bible before, but sometimes we just jump right in, missing some important foundational building blocks. What's a concordance? What's the Apocrypha & why's it important? How do you highlight a Bible? How do you make notes in the margins? What's a scripture journal? All these things and more will be answered in this 24 day overview.