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ADVENT 2014 Prayer Journal

Having a "Mary" Christmas in a Martha World

Join us starting December 1st for this study. Invite a friend!

As part of our Advent 2014 bible study HAVING A "MARY" CHRISTMAS IN A MARTHA WORLD, download your HOMWF free HOMWF Advent Study Journal - our gift to you for subscribing to our emails! 

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The Mass - if you're Catholic, you've attended your fair share. But have we ever taken the time to see how the Mass is saturated with the Word? 

An HOMWF created resource: every part of the Mass and where it can be found in Scripture! 

The Rosary

A beautiful, feminine, Rosary PDF - instructions on How-To-Pray and its prayers. 

The Books of the Bible

The Bible has everything a reader could want: romance, murder, mystery, historical accounts, biographical stories, tales with a moral, happy endings, drama, suspense, and stories of the future.  

We have a special treat for you. We made a HOMWF "Books of the Bible" download! We've created a PDF of the books. You can print these two sheets & put them in your journal, frame them & place them in your prayer spot, or add them to your Mass Journal