• How much is shipping in the United States?
    • It is free within the United States and arrives within a week on the consecration start date. 
  • How much is shipping internationally?
    •  International shipping is $15. Please allow more then the two week window for shipping outside the US. You may be placed in the next Consecration group to ensure you get your materials on time. For estimated delivery time- please email us your location.
  • I already have the book. Can I buy just the bracelet?
    • No. In order to keep our quantities in order and cost low, they must be sold in a set. However, we do recommend you pay it forward. Donate the book to a friend or your parish library! 
  • Why $20?
    • We ask for a suggested donation of $20 for the cost of the materials. If you can donate more to allow others to participate - THANK YOU! If you are unable to afford $20 to participate, please email us so we can attempt to match you with one of our consecration sponsors. 
  • All your classes are sold out. Will you have other ones?
    • Yes!! Stay tuned - as we grow in this venture, our plan is to host as many as possible. If you would like to receive an email notification on our next Consecration Class - please sign up below. 
  • Have a different question? Please email us & we will respond as soon as possible.  

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