Getting to Know Heart of Mary // Thank You

Image by Beautiful Light Photography

Image by Beautiful Light Photography

Thank you.

Yes, you.

You, the mama who just barely has time to chug a quick cup of coffee before the pitter patter - or stomps and clomps - come find you in the kitchen. Yet you still manage to spend some time with us in the morning.

Or you, the college student reading this on your phone as you stand in line at the coffee shop on the corner, late for class.

We see you.

We know you - the one who is going through a terrible time of it right now and is barely keeping it together - are out there and are in our prayers.

And we want you to know how much we appreciate you. When Debbie O finds the time in her own busy schedule to tell us, “ I love The Rosary Project!…It helps to feel that others are praying with me…” we are blessed. It cements for us that we are part of community of Catholic women.

Or when Maria told us, “When Linda states that spiritual direction is one Christian helping another Christian in hearing what God is trying to communicate, it gives hope.” That gives us hope.

Mary says that mass journaling keeps her focused. And Chika reflected for us on her use of Mass Journaling. She remembers, “One day, while thinking of ways to get deeper into the mass, particularly the homily, I thought, ‘MASS JOURNAL!!’ I haven’t looked back since. It’s turned into my trusted notebook. I use it for my bible study reflections, etc. It’s amazing.” And we think that is amazing!

We think you are amazing.

When Sarah, told us her

“experience as a Catholic has been lonely, so having the social media connection has been a real blessing,”

we are encouraged. And when Sarah then took that blessing and decided to reach out and write for us - for all of us? We are blessed.

A lot of heart goes into Heart of Mary. Sarah speaks for all of us here at Heart of Mary Women’s Fellowship  when she comments that, as she’s digging into the Bible, she’s asking, “What does God want me to say? For me, but not only for me…for everyone.”

And when the “everyone” we are writing for, writes back? We are the ones who get to “count it all joy.”

We are so thankful for these past few weeks - not just so that you could know us, but that we could come to know you. It’s our sincere hope that we recognize in each other’s hearts that which is in our own: love for Jesus, His mother, and His Church.

To Jesus, through Mary