Retreat Day

Hello beautiful sisters!

Today is what we are calling a retreat day. It's an opportunity to spend some extra time with the Lord! We do not have any new study posts; this is a great time to catch up on any that you may have missed or just spend some time on your own in prayer. 

We do have a special talk for you though, if you'd like to take a listen!! This is the personal testimony of a gorgeous woman of faith: Lisa Ray. Lisa is a convert to Catholicism and shares her joys and struggles in becoming a Catholic after 20+ adult years of Protestantism & Atheistic childhood. Her friend, Karen, jumps into the talk and gives her perspective of being the Catholic friend helping a Protestant (Lisa) come "Home", along with it's joys and struggles. You can click the link below to listen or download this talk! It's free & we hope you are as blessed by it as we were! 

For more free talks, visit our HOMWF Audio Talks Page

Don't forget to join us tomorrow for our LIVE Facebook party/chat/bible study session on the Genesis 5-9 study "A New Year + A New Creation"!! Click here to visit the Facebook Event & RSVP!! See you tomorrow at 11 a.m. PST / 2 p.m. EST!!