The Lost Series - Link Up Party

Sisters - How did you enjoy the study? We want to know! 

At the end of each study, HOMWF will have a 'link up' party! We're calling it a "HEART TO HEART"! We are sisters, we are community. Just because we are from all over, doesn't mean we shouldn't/can't sit down over virtual coffee and share with each other how God is blessing us through these studies!

Sisters - now it's your turn to write. We all want to hear from each other! 

So please tell us:

How did God bless you in this study? What discoveries did you come across?  What is on your heart?

With this link up "coffee date", you can link a blog post or an Instagram post! You will be able to connect with all your other HOMWF sisters learning & growing with you. We also hope you'll visit each other's posts, read about their insights, and encourage them. 

Clink the blue button below - an easy 1,2,3 directions are included :)

Lastly, we've included an image that you can freely use on your blog post or social media to direct others to this link up. Remember to use #HOMWFhearttoheart when sharing!

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