Hello Sisters! Welcome to the Heart of Mary Women’s Fellowship Online Site! We are so excited that you are here. This site was created from need: a free, online Catholic women’s bible study and faith study forum. 

Heart of Mary was started in 2009, at St. Peter & St. Paul Catholic Church in Alta Loma, CA. It is a women’s ministry that meets once a month for social time, breakfast, and to listen to guest speakers talking about various subjects or giving witness to our faith. Since 2009, the ministry has grown to other local parishes and now onto an online format! 

August 2, 2014 marks our 5th anniversary & launch of this blog. Here’s what you will find at HeartofMaryWF.com:

  • Interviews of the guest speakers from live HOM meetings with a quick Q&A.
  • Bible studies that study individual books of the bible
  • Bible studies that study themes of our faith and our lives
  • Support from other Catholic women
  • Promotion of Mass Journaling & Consecration to Jesus through Mary
  • Encouragement to participate in the healing Sacraments of the Catholic Church (Eucharist & Confession)

We will be posting daily! So grab your bible, a pen, and a notebook. Also, grab your cup of coffee and join us as we dive into the Scriptures! Each study will be one or two week increments. And content will always be available - so you can join us as your schedule permits. 

We’re here for you at 5 am before work; 9 pm after the kids go to bed and the dishes are washed (or not); or even 2:30 am when you cant sleep. This is a place for you. This is a place where you can encounter our Great Lord in His word. 

Studying the Scriptures are such an important part of our faith! As Catholics, everything we believe comes from Tradition & Scripture. We focus so much on our Traditions, that sometimes, sometimes, we get lost in them and don’t even realize they come from The Word. Many catholic studies focus on studying the bible from a very "lecture like" approach. The Heart of Mary Women’s Fellowship Online site will have a continual blog, and this is where Law will meet Love, and where Scripture will meet Tradition. We will study the basics of the bible but will also focus on the LOVE that God has for us. It’s about nourishing our soul in Him, through His word, and gaining the confidence that Our Beautiful, Mighty God specifically and individually loves you. 

Our God has so much to share with you. So much love, grace, and blessings to bestow on you. You are the center of His Heart. Our Mother is here to escort all of us to Him. Our faith, traditions, the saints, and our Mother will not be left aside in our study, but will be highlighted and point us to God with Scriptures.


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