New Study Starts Monday! 10/6


Hello Sisters! We have exciting news - our next study starts Monday - October 6th. We are going to look at the idea of CHARITY and what God intends for it to be. 

More often than not, our encounter with charity is when the visiting priest or sister comes to share their missionary work and ask for a donation toward the project's visions. And many times, we may feel a little discouraged by the end, thinking we aren't a charitable person or "doing good" like they are. October is such a big month in the Church: 40 Days for Life is happening, food shelters are starting to collect for the upcoming holidays, pregnancy crisis centers are rallying for extra supplies & toys.... so we thought it would be a great opportunity to learn what God envisions as an act of charity. We'll be talking about things like dignity of life for the unborn, poor, homeless, and sick, but we are also going to dive into the "mundane" of life, and encourage you by showing that we all are charitable in our daily lives already! So do not be discouraged! Come join us as we learn together and grow even more in our charitable hearts. 

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Lastly Sisters, we would like to announce our GUEST PHOTOGRAPHER for the Biblical Charity bible study: Ashley De La Vega!! You'll see her beautiful images throughout the study. Give her a shout out :)


 Hi my name is Ashley De La Vega. I married my husband Jason over 10 years ago in the Catholic Church. (2004) After 3 beautiful children and 3 cross country moves, we have found our way back to CA to raise our children close to family.  With my free time ..... or really any free second......  I love to be creative in anything I can get my hands on, Decorating, Baking, Crafting, Scrapbooking, and  Photography. I love to experience the beauty in the world that God has given us every day. Having the role as MOM is what has drawn me closer to the lord, it wasn't until after having children had I clearly received answers to prayer. You can really understand the love the Lord has for his children when you give birth to your own. 

You can email Ashley at: ash.delavega.5[at]