Lent Podcasts

Jesus asks many questions in the Gospels. You can bet that everything He did and said was important and had meaning, so the questions He asked must have been pretty important too. Some of them in obvious ways, and others in more subtle ways that go deeper than the surface-level context of the question.

This Lent, we want to journey through some of those questions together. We want to discover how those questions relate to the ministry of Jesus, how they relate to salvation history as a whole, and how they relate to our very own hearts.

Each week will focus on a different question, starting with the context of the question itself in Scripture. The other days of the week (except for the first week, which is a mini-week) will look at the question in relation to our lives, in relation to the Old Testament, in relation to another instance in the Gospels, and lastly in relation to one of the Stations of the Cross. In this way, we will simultaneously walk on pilgrimage through Scripture and the Way of the Cross, examining our own hearts along the way.

Soul Saturdays will be comprised of a playlist of songs for you to pray with this Lent, a song each week that also relates to the theme of the question. Feel free to carve out a few minutes of your day each Saturday, listen to the song and/or read the lyrics, and process everything that we reflected on the past week.


Whom are you seeking this Lent? Let’s all seek Jesus together. Emily